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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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very chilly to the west we feel and twelve thirteen petersburg nineteen at williamsburg temps in the mid twenties near the coast the wind chills are in the teens and even some single digits. still brown aka monica tampa handed we've seen those single digit wind chills now with a ten at hampton and was this city so still feeling very cold thanks to the breezy conditions. north winds ten mph at the airport the road the drive is built is excellent today will see increasing clouds and that chance for some snow showers or flurries this evening little bit tonight. a lot coming up for the weekend though especially northern and western parts of virginia likely to get buried with heavy snow for us some impacts as well and i talk about that my full forecast in just a bit right there ready to check on the roads in ashes or look at naval station norfolk had craig it's been a very busy morning around the base if you're used to that base traffic even probably dealing with it for the last couple of weeks
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really really early so we've been watching and probably for about i'd hour and fifteen minutes now and take a look at it it's it's still backed up but at least that kind of remaining steady at sixty four west at tidewater was about a mile away from the entrance to five sixty four. that's where the delays began to live the good news we're not saying that i will look into the back of one sixty four had the five sixty four. here's to another like the ride to the position overcome by fifty four but at least it's not backing up substantially as being a backup so let's say you're headed past that by sixty four interchange you're headed to grammy street and bay avenue. nope still not good so here's a live look right near bay avenue and there's all your trap and there i headed up to bay. it looks like something is working right around here and it may be an issue in terms of something unusual a something like that working to ah kind of find out what exactly is going on out there as police are just now getting on the scene so we need to find out what's working and again they may
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ah but it's something to watch out for now have an update for you here in just a few minutes that's the biggest backup of the morning we will check traffic around the midtown tunnel but i can take us to tonight the frost patrol in virginia beach will go out overnight to treat bridges ramps and overpasses normally three trucks go out around two thirty in the morning because of the forecasts were told six trucks will go out with two more on standby and the trucks will go out an hour earlier this time if things get worse the leader say that plan could change and as we approach the weekend you may need the thirteen is now winter weather guys are all kinds of tips to keep you and your family safe. look for some thirteen years now da comments at the bottom of the homepage under producers pics and with a single digit wind chills many homeless teenagers are families will be at least rest. so satan youth shelters in virginia beach is offering twenty four hour assistance. the shelters are designed specifically for
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and their families on the south side. if you know someone who needs help. you can get in touch with the shelter twenty four hours a day by calling the number in your screen that's four nine eight help they will also pick up people at designated safe places for now new this morning we are learning that a body was found behind a store in newport news was discovered monday night behind the dollar tree in warwick boulevard near elm avenue authorities tell us a victim appears to be homeless officers say they didn't find any evidence of foul play he did not save his death could be related to the cold weather we've been having lately and nearly seven million dollars will go to help the homeless in virginia governor terry mcauliffe announced the housing trust funds yesterday the money will fund twenty three affordable housing projects including one in newport news and one in chesapeake money will also go to other organizations that help the homeless in virginia beach norfolk and suffolk to see a complete breakdown of the funding you
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thirty news doesn't update for you a virginia lawmaker is defending his bill it would require children to use the restroom that corresponds to their anatomical sex and not how the identify republican delegate mark cole said the bill is compliant in complete peace now in a statement he said i would never have thought that i would be carrying a bill to say boy should use the boys' room and girl should use the girls' room he goes on to society. he also says that society is lacking common sense transgender teen gavin chromosome in gloucester county schools for the right to use the boys' restroom at his school and the city of norfolk is starting work on a new school today months ahead of schedule. there's a ceremony to begin building ocean view elementary school and mason creek road this morning that is at ten o'clock in the morning. city leaders including superintendent melinda boone will attend the city just broke ground on march my elementary school a couple of weeks ago the schools are a part of a project to build five new schools in three years later today
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to determine what started a huge fire at a business in surry county crews from several counties help fight and bring the fire under control at the business on its name to that business yesterday along the highway that company many were at lunch when the fire started no one was her six o six a the search that wolverines that's right the details on why the coast guard has decided to suspend their search as daybreak continues the greater reading of the track look at that may be heard about this by now
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and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. . i plenty to talk about what the weather let's get the kids ready for school namely clear this morning northwest winds about ten to fifteen windchill still ten to fifteen degrees for many areas it is chilly and mid twenties near the coast is cooler and one and by the way it's going to school talk this morning creams elementary school or to talk to kids about presenting the weather and i understand and get a green screen set up
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are doing and maybe get some budding tv meteorologists out there creeds looking forward to it once and temperatures around thirty one will see thirty four for an afternoon capturing the recess is obviously chilly today but a little bit milder than yesterday. i might need to talk to about two separate systems we have one right here and we have one that is going to get its act together right now just area of low pressure kind of spinning i hear over utah and colorado parts of wyoming this is some kind of coming together out here as you can see this one pretty close to us it's going to produce a few snow flurries or light snow showers tonight but it's this one is going to drop down intensifying as it develops down across texas and back to the southeast and eventually up across our region bringing mixed precipitation rain when higher than normal tides and potentially very very heavy snow across northern and western parts of virginia parts of our viewing area can
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well for tonight just in passing snow showers to mention that were flurries amounts as far as an accumulation should be very light. she very quickly how we get up into the thirties and then this evening during the evening hours of snow showers pass by quickly a look at the snowfall projections overnight and will stop it tomorrow morning maybe a dusting to a quarter inch or so across parts of the area will keep you updated on so much more to share with you on the next big system coming through this weekend in a few minutes as brayden out there here's asher with an update at craig we've seen this camera a couple of times this morning sixty four westbound hwy that to bay avenue. we know a whole lot of traffic headed out that way because of traffic making its way to the naval station norfolk but i wanted to show you this only because we saw this police car kind of drive through the backups there i did speak with police and they did tell me that there is a breakdown out there at the very worst it could be a single vehicle accident but at this point has been moved up to the right hand side if
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between here and play in the summer can be pretty a pretty heavy right there and you get past may avenue and bangsar to thin out as you head toward the hr bt so again we're still very busy this morning to have
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i knew this morning tragedy why the coast guard has suspended its search for twelve missing marines they haven't been seen since two
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down last week. just yesterday we reported a navy salvage ship joined the search to look under water crews found several life rafts off the coast of oahu but there was no sign of the servicemembers marine corps will now transition to a recovery and salvage effort a memorial for the missing is tentatively planned for friday at the marine corps base and why none of the servicemembers from our area in this morning a minnesota police officer has been placed on leave for allegations that he urged drivers to run over protesters the protesters rallied during the mlk holiday. they were calling for justice for two men killed by police last year the facebook post in question says to run them over and keep going because they have a propensity toward violence the mayor there says that he wants the officer charged with threatening the public if he is responsible. new video this morning of
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easy washington post reporter freed from a prisoner and over the weekend. the paper posted a clip of him on its website in it you'll see jason and his wife laughing while watching a video on a cell phone. the newspaper says they are watching a farsi language production making fun of the fact that jason could possibly be a spy right now jason is at the medical center in germany where doctors are still evaluating him the race for the white house is taking a turn one is a reality star has become a politician the other politician has become a reality star sarah palin endorsed republican presidential candidate donald trump yesterday just two weeks from the iowa caucasus the people of the wires do their job and all the on the not a politician can i get a hallelujah now trump is counting on pei lin it to rally republican skeptics especially key evangelical voters. payment is expected
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campaign events today in iowa and oklahoma. good morning america as breaking down with trump's endorsement means for the race and what the other candidates need to do to catch up and is at seven o'clock right after daybreak ending interesting are turning to the weather now we're dealing with us in cold conditions and some snow flurries later tonight that's right now craig is actually watching two storms one of them is going to be coming into the weekend right pregnant the one attraction looking for tonight. yet our interview with some snow showers this evening a light amount i was just posting both the euro and the ag a fast two miles out on twitter so if you follow me. thirteen craig miller on twitter you can see some of that you can really take a look at the two mile ten k there. this is what this one says this is what that says i'll be putting out more model data if you do follow me on twitter great way to get extra things really take time to look at all. right now with our skyview are looking at mainly clear conditions and is going to be quiet this
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we have this batch of snowy weather that is going to move across the mound lot heavier snow left over the mountains with this one coming through and then for our area just very light amounts tonight maybe a heavy dusting to say a quarter a third of an inch of snow potentially this evening but the ground is cold so what follows may stick around a little bit in the morning i would be surprised at all to see some snow left over from the grassy areas especially as we go through the overnight you see come through in moves that tomorrow mostly sunny but this is really the calm before the next storm in this next one is what we really want to focus on the agency initially what may begin as a mix or snow at the onset will transition to rain for hampton roads i expect quite a bit of rain in the rain to be heavy for parts of eastern north carolina up to the southside on friday as we go friday night we're still looking at rain but notice the snow over northern virginia were talking area is twelve to fifteen inches or
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certainly a good chance that we can seize an extremely heavy snow up that way in through the mountains as well while we're looking at lighter amounts still significant snow on the richmond area north and then a lot of rain even late friday night into early saturday but saturday is the system exits. there's a chance that we're going to see that transition back to snow across parts of the area and you will get into more that just a moment for the outer banks nearly all rain was just a brief attention for mixing at the end of the system we are going to see strong winds shifting around that's going to push the tides higher than normal and on the backside we can see some sound side issues as well. heavy rain is likely as we mentioned we'll take a look at the southside this is virginia beach and norfolk portsmouth and chesapeake where to get the suffolk you're just a moment there's that possibility of a mix initially changing to rain then back to snow later saturdays and exits wins again very gusty and the tides will be running above normal is one that could be some tidal flooding
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snow at the inn with possible minor accumulations maybe one to three inches possible. as we look and then for the pennant so this is the lower peninsula hampton newport news lower part of the eastern shore and farther south isle of wight in suffolk into north carolina brief mix changing to rain then back to snow when still up there around forty to forty five mph hides out in snow at the end of the system may cause problems on the roads out that way heavier snow farther north and west williamsburg up to salute add to the west waverly. those are the reason we're really going to be watching as far as the snowfall amounts is a very preliminary look this could change and change significantly so stay tuned for updates could adjust up or down but these are general snowfall ranges through of the fall as rain and snow on the backside of this is the potential damage from lynchburg northern parts of virginia very heavy snow potentially. here's a look at get through that storm system
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sunday windy and cold and the little ice or monday and tuesday i checked the midtown his ashes are a great minutes ago i didn't even check traffic at the midtown tunnel we have not yet gotten their cars with other issues on sixty four around naval station norfolk but now let's take that look at the midtown tunnel traffic still moving nicely there on both sides have really picked up too much on the eastbound side which is what things normally pick up sports event in norfolk to me this a little bit of a slowdown there but nothing major at this point maybe delay about three to five minutes or so as you head into norfolk and westbound traffic is moving fine this morning so let's add that the traffic network maps and talk again about responses will be concerned about this morning we take a look now back in norfolk on sixty four west just before you get to bay avenue up the avenue was still watching that break down there on the right hand side are adding to the delays back to graham the street not causing them because quite frankly just a lot of traffic headed to the base and using either grandma or bait to get there they start to improve as you get past the avenue of them
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you can find to be to head to the hr bt after taking five sixty four to naval station norfolk. all of five sixty four west is still jammed your back ups begin on tidewater our own sixty four i at tidewater drive in the outside to blame. that's when you drop down to thirty seven miles an hour so we are very busy with his meat is morning on sixty four out of norfolk would have delayed his burial to deceive you have any other major delays to discuss that coming up at six thirty nine ashley fink yield tax season is officially here but it comes with a warning from
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i all of this impending winter weather has you dreaming of somewhere tropical. that is for you apparently now is the time to buy those tickets analysts say right now airfares are running as some of the lowest rates in the past three years experts say that january and february are typically some of the best travel prices even if you don't plan on traveling for a few weeks experts say take advantage of it and book now as for summer vacation travel experts say that you should try to book in the coming months as tax season starts they're con artists out there waiting to take advantage of you the biggest vote fraud in
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than nine hundred thousand reports of tax scams in the past two years and the issue has cost the agency more than twenty six million dollars. they're urging people to simply hang up on anyone who claims they're from the agency in demand immediate payment. the irs will never call you if there's a problem they will notify you in writing and the cane word time the great thing away and one lucky viewer chance to win a trip for two to new york city broadway there it is and includes a two night stay airfare tickets to see good morning america in times square all of this and a two thousand dollar value but you have to put in that keyword broadway when you go to the features tab and thirteen is now back on we're actually gonna pick a winner right after day they took a break on friday a sea of multiple chances and just so much to do there including good morning america yet screech much fun. we're still not through this crazy cold snap we're looking at highs in the thirties today but that's not the only they were watching out for greg is
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snow flurries tonight and some other issues this weekend to its forecast coming up plus a very big update in the case against the norfolk city treasurer
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. feeling the pressure was senior leader will step into the hot seat today we live in norfolk. what a schedule here could mean for the city treasure than the people of portsmouth hand a wad of cash to councilman bill moody only thirteen years now has video of this exchange will explain but that's all about it wednesday morning this is thirty newsnight a break at six thirty and lucy bustamante laundry senior aide is wednesdays we said before hump day let's get right to meteorologist craig will use tracking two different storm systems heading our way now as we're starting off with a beautiful morning with this guys mainly clear but everything changes as we do have the potential for snow showers tonight and we're going to see a bigger more potent storm coming through friday into saturday with a mix of rain and some snow on the backside of that system
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there it's really interesting watching all this come together and it's funny i was munching a little earlier if you follow me on twitter thirteen craig moeller twitter there you'll be getting all kinds of different update something to post in my lap put there and you can really take time to look at that on your mobile devices or maybe your pc if you access twitter that way temperatures right now in the teens and when we are mid twenties near the coast of the wind chills are in the teens so it is a chilly start in the day but not as bitterly cold if you remember yesterday is widespread single digit wind chills. not quite as bad but still cold it's all relative right switch to the east. here's a quick look at our airport conditions twenty five north wins and ten as we go to the day the clouds going to increase our stuff over here because out to the west are going to start to see some snow creeping into the picture by five six o'clock and i think this evening with the activity breaking across here there's some potential for minor accumulations maybe a dusting
6:27 am
half an inch possible especially for the inland areas will be watching that skies clear up tomorrow i'll spend more time talking about this extended forecasts big changes coming up friday to saturday stay tuned for more on that again today's i run thirty four. let's check in now with ashleigh and a look at the hr bt corn crib we've been focusing alot on sixty four traffic in norfolk especially the track and headed toward naval station norfolk and will talk about that again in just a moment but first to head to the hr bt hampton to norfolk to see how things are shaping up out there and this shot is that traffic heading right into the tunnel and notice the closer you get to the time we are doing pretty well but we are starting to coming off of land in making its way across the bridge so nothing huge just get something i'm watching another view another update in a few minutes to simply start of the track is really backing up as it approaches the hr bt the speaking of backups we had now for a second camera. excuse me and this is the norfolk sixty
6:28 am
chesapeake boulevard in keeping a very close eye on naval station norfolk traffic we have been very busy this morning looking inside to blame the hov lanes moving much better but in the outside set you will see those delays starting right around chaska boulevard as reports by sixty port of course all five sixty four is backed up again we have of a delay to discuss around the base will do that coming up in the next few minutes and we've got an update the breaking news out of pakistan the death toll has now risen to twenty people the brazen attack on the university in the northwest part of the country is now over pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for that deadly attack accent officials say the police exchange gunfire with the attackers when the storm the building overnight know several explosions were also reported pakistani army leader say that all four of the attackers have been killed pakistani taliban says this is in revenge for the scores of militants that the pakistani security forces have killed in recent months look for much more details on the story coming up on good
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thirteen years now at daybreak right sanjay thank you cards time six thirty three now later today a city leader in norfolk is set to face a judge. city treasurer anthony birth but due in federal court for his arraignment at two o'clock this afternoon he was indicted on several corruption charges earlier this month early brown is live in or what today's hearing could mean for burke believes what he tells andre luiz the birth but is accused of defrauding the city will go before a judge today here at the courthouse and hear his charges as well as say whether or not he's guilty as you mentioned birth but faces several charges he was indicted earlier this month including conspiracy perjury wire fraud and political corruption according to the indictment the charges stem from his time on city council. investigators allege he used his position to solicit gifts and payments the indictment claims anti breast development and construction have paid for but in exchange for votes
6:30 am
leaders we spoke with talked about the indictment norfolk share. sheriff bob mccabe who is running for mayor called for perfect to take a leave of absence but perfect lawyer called the indictment people are accusations that we'll have more on this story throughout the day driving north on elise brown thirteen years now or at least excellent leaders say a grand jury will hear the case against the former boyfriend of an orphaned teenager who disappeared and then they found her dead. the judge certified charges against neil bolden last month those charges are unrelated to the quill holloway's death the nineteen year old was found dead in the trunk of a car in november. hours later police charged bolden with felony possession of a firearm. note this point no one including boulder to start with holly's death this morning delegate scott taylor of virginia beach is pushing a new bill to protect gun rights legislation would prohibit localities access to federal agencies through
6:31 am
the purpose of enforcing executive action order related to firearms and ammunition that have not been made law by congress. taylor emphasized the importance of quote restoring balance when it comes to states rights well it is a first of its kind analysis of the population that is largely unknown. we now know how many foreigners have overstayed their visas. but how does that compare to those who legally entered the united states and then a local new supporters of eight councilman councilman bill moody of portsmouth helping
6:32 am
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. want to talk about with the whether some changes before madeline they normally show this in the next update to skype yet they are spot on forecast read but i've got a lot of additional maps and some graphic a machine the next with a let's touch on this year's spawn forecast. yes they said wind chills lesson twenty five actual wind chills yesterday afternoon eighteen twenty one so it's good for free cause it to jeff put out thirty three for today's had bought that one degree but still feel very confident we will add onto our street today will keep that running week it also forecasts a chance for flurries or light snow showers this evening into a focus on this we have the system we're moving along
6:34 am
getting some video out of global times this morning we've been able to take a look at the snow falling there is at my heaviest but certainly enough to blanket the ground and this is going to come to our area this evening bringing flurries and light snow showers to lighter amounts here with another storm system and this is the one here that is going to drive southward across texas and pushing to the southeast us intensifying drawing up gulf moisture and bringing that we shared a very cold air so that's going to be our big weather maker for the upcoming weekend. here's the g fs snow potential for this evening a mouse and all that great. you can see maybe a dusting to see a quarter a third of an inch across parts of the area. the euro has about the same so the models in agreement that amount will be light with the snow showers or flurries tonight there will be more coming heavy rain when the title issues and potential for more snow late friday into saturday with that storm system the priests of wushu as it exits saturday that's
6:35 am
snow to talk a lot more about there's an accident out there ashley has the details the report came in for an accident matter of fact right where we check traffic a few minutes ago in hip and sixty four eastbound head of the hr bt i'm pretty sure the accident is right and there we see those flashing lights that because the black and white shot is a little bit challenging to tell by looking at right there at the bridges around the corner and headed to the title i did check the backups before this point we are jammed back to the hampton river bridge that the mile and a half away from the hr btn that's going to continue to grow and be sensible that the lanes reopened at the bridge of her head is this outside you may wanna take the monitor merrimack instead the gop also looks good but don't forget the gop opens at seven thirty this morning so few things to come to watch out for her had a presence outside and that meant a lot coming up next the latest for you based rapper back on sixty four in norfolk so much ashley. ten o six forty one a super bowl fifty under threat to try a leaked fbi document
6:36 am
covering their bases ahead of
6:37 am
. six forty four to time new information this morning about how many people enter the us and never leave the department will let security reports half a million foreigners enter the country twenty fifteen and remained here after their visas expired this comes as national security continues to be a hot topic they're dubbed the beast over stays and they represent an estimated forty percent of the eleven million undocumented immigrants but it's a tiny fraction of the forty five million foreigners who legally entered the west last year dhs officials are expected to testify about the findings at a senate hearing today only on thirteen years now portsmouth residents gathered at an informal meeting last night to pay a fine for councilman bill moody last week the council find mooney fifteen hundred dollars for breaking a rule only thirty news was the tv stations are captured this video of moody receiving the donation money now the trouble started when we spoke about a city matter outside of a closed door
6:38 am
day later one of his supporters set up and go find the page to help move the foot the bill is called the transparency find that the feeling from our government currently that they're they're trying to hide from us what they're doing more than they're trying to keep us involved in what to do it and while council members took some steps last night to inform the people and address their concerns. some say there's still a very long way for portsmouth to go six forty six now new this morning a recent study shows a record number of virginia beach students took advanced placement classes are partners of the virginian pilot reports more than twelve thousand ap courses were taken last school year that's an eight percent jump compared to twenty thirteen twenty fourteen school year new tech news nielsen is tracking more of what you say about tv online is right the ratings measurement company has decided to track facebook conversations about tv shows that you love and
6:39 am
your tweets for a while now and plans to watch her instagram account later this year for google and netflix says since january first. its subscribers have topped get this seventy five million members. that's more than expected most of the users come from overseas though but netflix says it has recently added about one and a half million members and either putting out so many new shows happily i can see why so many people are signing up for you to binge watch all one cousin that works don't do that and you're going to do it over the next shift. yes the inside that's a great way to beat the colts to stay inside enjoy some that meant that the children the colors i did all the kids to give a totally different understanding that she was like hey but that's how we live now that we've done a commercial for netflix yet to change our program here. we
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television viewing for thirteen years now at day break for thirty occasions came up with the seven cup of coffee and say what must raise seven for into the next couple mornings as we prepare for an approaching winter storm system today we're starting off mainly clears beautiful out there but things are going to be changing up as this system approaches a chance for flurries and snow showers tonight. you want to give a quick shot that i've had a lot of folks just recently started following me on twitter that's twitter dot com slash thirteen craig moe like don't cram that twitter feed with a bunch of garbage about what i eat or what color my shoes are. i do feel that feed with good stuff like forecast models forecast updates and it's a great way to stay in touch and you can reach me if you have questions about the weather's well right now we're looking in this system coming through with light amounts of snow potentially this evening maybe a dusting or so but it's going to be the next system that comes in this weekend is going to present another host of issues across the region. snow showers
6:41 am
this is seven o'clock to push through this evening could see maybe a heavy dusting to a third or even half an inch and a few spots out to the west and keep in mind the ground has been very cold even some freezing now for the past thirty six hours or longer i can remember exactly when we drop but it's been very cold yesterday and it stays cold today highs in the mid thirties. that's it and will drop in the low thirties at the snow showers coming through that's one system that we get the next one in this next one will really going to be watching as we could see an x or some snow out to the west of the onset this is early friday morning around seven am. notice how most of hampton roads still dry early friday but as this comes in we'll see a transition to rain rain could be heavy at times the wind picks up high levels will run high this weekend friday saturday and it is colder air works in the back side saturday it's likely that we'll see a transition back to snow and it could be some accumulations even across the south side for northeast north carolina outer banks
6:42 am
the winds picking up tides may be an issue even south side is when she attended the northwest late heavy rain is likely to focus on southside hampton roads virginia beach through portsmouth and chesapeake and norfolk will get the suffolk you're just a moment but possible mix to rain then back to snow saturday's colder air works and wind gusts forty to fifty and those tides running above normal. some accumulation possible at the end not a guarantee but it's something that we're certainly watching for the lower part of the eastern shore this includes north hampton the new look at hampton back through newport news. also around the coasts in and then suffolk and isle of wight in northeast north carolina her for gates. we expect these conditions a brief mix to rain then back to snow winds gusting forty to forty five tides running high. if you have title issues in some of those spots and then usability and make awesome issues is going to have your back for this area it gets even heavier as you look
6:43 am
west so it's no heavier than rain more snow than changing to rain heavier snow again as we want to stress winds up to around forty five and again that accumulation potentially take a look now this is the g fs no projections you can see sixteen inches. this is just the model output up around richmond and west point very heavy snow there. i'll show you the european lot of folks like to see that light amounts this evening as we head towards the weekend friday to saturday again heavy amounts up in richmond jeff threw this together last night i like this is our early forecasts for the snow could see one two maybe three inches saturday depending on how much that cold air comes in three to five for parts the peninsula out through i ninety five and heavier amounts five fourteen richmond even heavier toward lynchburg farm bill up in northern virginia. they get walloped i took a seven day forecast temperatures will drop a little bit on sunday when the improvements or
6:44 am
update on the traffic ashley and a lot of whether true or you know it depends on where you're headed there a lot of spots across the rotunda to say that are moving pretty well but of course the big issue of the morning has been a rout at naval station norfolk and do want to give me the latest in a couple spots they are starting on sixty four right around bay avenue for all that traffic headed to the base using day you can see traffic is still heavy on sixty four rounding in taking the tram and headed down to bay avenue in making its way into the bay so we still haven't really improved and they are but the backups are not as bad on sixty four west we are starting to improve and it looks like the flashing lights that are out there due to a breakdown has cleared so a big improvement there on the second camera we have also improved on five sixty four and i'm learning even think the delays on sixty four west headed to five sixty four now and noticed wrapping their own chambers built was really good around here still congested as we approach the runway tunnel but other than that traffic is finally starting to improve around naval station norfolk the battle
6:45 am
still have that is with the hr bt were an accident is blocking one lane of the tunnel causing major backups would have delayed his bear and the leaves of the bridge lifts you can expect to live this morning coming up tonight ashleigh thank you here this morning the fbi and homeland security are concerned about possible threats against the fifty yet dhs officials released a threat assessment to local and state authorities around santa clara california that's where the nfl is because games be held february seven the noted potential threats including attacks on fiber optic cables and criminal uses of commercial drones but the f b i's biggest concern is the san bernardino style attack for someone to sit at home and to become self radicalized and self inspired it's nearly impossible to catch that beforehand the security is being ramped up federal officials say there is a credible threat at this point look for more on this developing story coming up here in less than ten minutes on good morning
6:46 am
still much more ahead this morning on daybreak and ten
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good morning coming up on gma and abc news exclusive director spike lee joins us live to weigh in on the oscars facing
6:49 am
the lack of diversity and why he chose. now this next year tops or in the morning rush a city leader in or fake set to face a giant city treasurer at the berkeley is due in federal court for arraignment at two this afternoon but was indicted on several felony charges including conspiracy perjury wire fraud and political corruption early this month according to the indictment the charges stem from his time and city council told the judge will formally advise per foot of his charges and then he'll enter a plea will be sure to update you after today's sit here and later today a grand jury will hear the case against the former boyfriend of an orphaned teenager who disappeared in was and found and that is chiquita holloway right there judge certified charges against neil baldwin last month. those charges are unrelated to jack wills that a nineteen year old was found dead in the trunk of her car in november. hours later police charged moved in with
6:50 am
firearm that is at this point no one including golden is charged with all the ways to wear let's take you live outside neither one of our thirteen years now live cameras whatever be the cameras today the frost patrol in virginia beach will go out overnight a tree bridges ramps overpasses normally three trucks go out around two thirty in the morning but because of the forecast will tell you about just a second till six trucks will go out with more with two more on standby and the trucks will go out an hour earlier if things get worse and leaders say the plan could change and with the single digit wind chills many homeless teenagers are families will be at risk. so seeing youth shelters in virginia beach is offering twenty four hour assistance. the shelters are designed specifically for kids. satan can take them in their families on the south side if you know anyone who needs this kind of help call the shelter its four nine eight help the numbers on your screen there was so pick people up at designated scenic spots to get help if you do need to doubt their art would turn to the road right now to ashley's working on for well for most of the morning naval station norfolk traffic is a big issue and probably about
6:51 am
had to shift our attention to the hr bt because we had an accident right before you get to the tunnel but jackson has cleared as you can see the backups have not so solid two and a half mile back up that will continue to grow this morning's of your heads the south side take the monitor merrimack for the jr b which by the way opens at seven thirty c makes one take them on her back and be safe. still one of the layer of naval station norfolk as you can see there as we zoom out we do a few other delays reported across the area but at the very least the roads are dry at least for the ride in this morning it's good news here in haiti on a jungle final weather but a quick shout out to the honorable order of the blue goose international that is now full. i had a great time it's a group of people are to run the insurance industry and whether top with them last night sushi king. great group and with the eid so here's what we were talking about an approaching system right now looking at flurries or light snow tonight temperatures around thirty four the more
6:52 am
this weekend we have a host of issues that could develop friday to saturday we will keep you updated join us for each good morning, america. a major terrorist attack on a university overseas breaking right now. militants storm the campus in a gun battle with the military. dozens killed and wounded. the very latest as we come on the air. donald trump landing the biggest endorsement of the campaign. >> are you ready to make america great again? [ cheers and applause ] >> sarah palin backing the billionaire for president firing up his supporters and delivering a blow to ted cruz as hillary clinton feels the burn. the stunning new poll showing her free-falling in new hampshire. millions of americans bracing for a major snowstorm. the middle of the country hit right now. 14 states on alert as snow and icy conditions make roads dangerous and the northeast in the crosshairs of a massive storm.
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get two feet?
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